Roofing Materials Calculator – Estimate Roof Prices

Estimate cost of asphalt roof shingles for your house. To get materials price quote, enter roof size, slope, and type of your roof.

Prices are based on quotes received for large roofing suppliers, as well as publically available prices at Home Depot and Lowe’s stores. Further, these prices are for a 30 years / Lifetime laminated roof shingles + manufacturer recommended accessories.

Roof Length:
Roof Width (Gable Side):
Roof Pitch:
Roof Type:
– Roof area and roofing materials prices will appear below.

How to use Roofing Materials Calculator

1) Measure Roof accurately:

Take ground measurements of your house foundation and add width of roof overhangs to each dimension.

2) Choose Correct Roof Type:

Select Gable, Hip or Mansard roof.

3) Select roof slope

You can use roof measuring devices such as this, or a free app available on iPhone and android to measure roof slope from the ground. See recommended roofing apps below.


You will get approximate price quote in dollars / square (100 square feet) as well as total cost of ALL materials need for your job. THese include, architectural roof shingles, underlayment, drip edge, nails, flashing, ridge vent and ridge cap shingles.

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